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If you have ever seen, even briefly, a dance number in a Bollywood movie, you’ve probably been taken by the energy, joy, and happiness that emerges from the dance.

Bollywood dance is a fusion of several different styles including Western dance and Kathak, it is regarded as modern Indian commercial dance.

In the beginning, dancers would be dressed modestly as the dance was originally used to worship Gods and Goddesses. With time, and Hollywood's influence, it slowly turned into a more modern way of dressing for dance numbers. Nowadays Bollywood dance is full of vibrant outfits and colorful jewelry.

Wouldn’t it be a fabulous experience to try your hand or in this case, your leg, at a Bollywood dance number?

Our professional teacher has years of experience as a choreographer and knows everything about Bollywood dancing. You will get an introduction to Bollywood dance, and learn choreography from a popular Bollywood movie.  

It may look intimidating at first, but after a short warm-up, the groovy music, and the prospect of showing off your new moves to your friends back home, you will soon dive into the joy and fun of Bollywood dancing.

So shake a leg with us and drop us a line at: and we’ll be happy to make it happen for you!

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